Artist ~ Naomi Fairley

From the earliest moments of my life, an unwavering passion for art has been my guiding force. Raised amidst the serene landscapes of Lake Charles, Louisiana, my artistic journey was profoundly shaped by my father’s influence, propelling me toward the pursuit of creative expression. A pivotal juncture materialized when, at the tender age of six, I meticulously constructed a dollhouse from cardboard—an endeavor that catalyzed my lifelong creative odyssey.

A pivotal milestone arrived when my artwork was showcased at the prestigious University of Houston Art Exhibit, securing an honorable mention at the age of 17. This recognition affirmed my artistic prowess and propelled me further along my challenging yet immensely rewarding path.

Relocating to Katy, Texas, I sought to expand my horizons and deepen my insights into the art world’s intricate tapestry. The kaleidoscope of artistic media beckoned, and I eagerly delved into the realms of color pencil, watercolor, charcoal, and digital design. Although my affections for these mediums are equitably distributed, it is through painting that I have honed a profound expertise, fused seamlessly with my mastery of color pencil.

Immersing myself in the realm of human anatomy, I embarked on a journey to unravel the intricacies of facial features and textures. My fascination with the symphony of colors harmoniously converging to form captivating visuals was another wellspring of inspiration. It is in the subtleties of existence that I uncover my muse—observing human reactions, emotions, and interpersonal connections—which invariably finds its expression in my art.

My fascination with visages was kindled during my formative years, evolving from mere rendering to a profound exploration of the human experience. High school marked a pivotal juncture where I sought not just personal fulfillment, but also a way to carve a unique artistic trajectory, weaving a narrative that delved into the depths of the human psyche. With every brushstroke, I endeavored to bridge the gap between art and emotion, igniting an audience’s imagination.

As my artistic journey unfurls, I remain steadfast in my dedication to capturing the essence of existence through my work. Each stroke of the brush is an invitation to contemplate the myriad dimensions of the human spirit, an evocative testament to the power of creativity.

Jeanine Blaney, Executive Director & Curator

Black Heritage Gallery

1001 Ryan Street

Lake Charles, La 70601


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