Nathaniel “Pop” Landry

“There are some things which I do that reflect the African Heritage, such as certain lines and design concepts. Art is for all and is here for everyone to enjoy. I have never been one to label or categorize art. As for myself, I enjoy all works of art without feeling a compulsion to categorize them.”

– Nathaniel Landry

Nathaniel Landry

“I am an artistic samurai. Molded from the clay of God’s unique design. My thoughts and imagination travel the Intergalactic highways of the vast cosmos. Any tool that I use to create with is considered to be my “sword”. Each stroke is like a sword slash that gives birth to a new line, as my imagination spills forth on to any surface that can withstand my patient, meticulous, energetic, artistic fury. The underground fighting spirit of Hip Hop, the punk rebelliousness of Rock and Roll, Abstract Expressionism, Science Fiction, and Japanese Manga are my artistic roots. My journey as an artistic samurai is one of joy, frustration, and evolution. It is my responsibility to create and educate in the most imaginative fashion ushering in the next generation of bright, young, artists. Climbing to the mountaintop is a beautiful struggle, with God as my guide; I push forward overcoming life’s unexpected curveballs and challenges.”

– Nathaniel A. Landry


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